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Don Chesson launching his F1C



This site originally was made to showcase model airplane pictures that I took at various events around the country.  I even tried to sell a few prints, but since the advent of the digital cameras, most people usually took there own pictures. It simply was not a profitable business.

Therefore I am now using this site as a place for people to view pictures I now take for fun at various events.  I also use it a gateway for people to submit pictures to add to those I shoot. 

If you have any pictures to contribute, I will consider using them, please email them to me using the appropriate link below.  I appreciate it !

Also, if you would like to donate to help with the expenses of running this site, I'd appreciate that too!

Thanks!  Joe

Andrei Kirilenko launching his F1C



Year Event location dates notes
2004 2004 Max Men International * Lost Hills, California February 7-15, 2004 989 pics
2004 2004 Torrey Pines - RC and hang gliders * Torrey Pines, California February 2, 2004 61 pics
2003 2003 AMA Free Flight Nationals * Muncie, Indiana July 28 - August 1, 2003 663 pics
2001 2001 Free Flight World Championships * Lost Hills, California October 2001 > 1,800 pics

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